High Adventure

Welcome to the Chattahoochee Council High Adventure Page.
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Each year the High Adventure Committee of the Council sponsors a Philmont Contingent. Each contingent is made up of one to three crews of ten Scouts or Venturers each from various Council units. Crews train for the challenges they will face at Scouting's high adventure base in the rugged New Mexico wilderness. Treks through the backcountry usually consist of 14 days, 4 days of travel to and from the base and 10 days in the backcountry.
Northern Tier High Adventure Base offers scouts the opportunity to participate in a canoeing trek in the boundary waters of US and Canada. Treks are 6 to 10 days and are geared to the goals and desires of the group. Northern Tier is a High Adventure experience in the world famous north woods "Canoe Country???.
Sea Base High Adventure takes scouting into the undersea wilderness of sting rays, sharks, jewfish and manatees, not your typical camping adventure. Experiences are planned for late summer, usually in August and last from 6-10 days, with as much as 48 hours spent underwater. Sea Base is located off the Florida Keys.