NRA Shotgun and Rifle Basic Instructor Training


NRA Shotgun and Rifle Basic Instructor Training
August 11th-13th 2017
NRA Range Safety Officer Training
August 12th 2017
Camp FGL
Check-in starts at 8am EST; Class starts promptly at 9am EST


The Chattahoochee Council will be conducting a NRA Instructor Certification in Rifle & Shotgun Shooting.  Participants will become certified instructors in both fields.  As an NRA certified instructor you can serve on Camp Staff for Shooting Sports, become a Merit badge counselor, serve on the shooting sports committee and provide instruction in rifle and shotgun shooting to Scouts across Chattahoochee Council.

There will also be a Range Safety Officer Training being offered on Saturday August 12th at the Administration Building of Camp FGL.  Outside of summer camp, we must have 1 NRA instructor and 1 Range Safety Officer to open the ranges at any time.

Normally the cost of these courses is $500 together; but because of our partnership the cost of the course is $200.00 for Rifle/Shotgun and $100 for Range Safety Officer; this fee includes NRA instructor certifications, instructor packet, ammunition, meals and Training Counselor fees. 

There is a limit to 25 participants to the courses, and you must be 21 years of age to take the course.

Online registration - Closed

Please remember that the NRA also asks you to register on their website;

Shotgun Registration Link - Closed

Rifle Registration Link - Closed

Range Safety Officer Registration Link - Closed

Registering will allow the instructors to make sure they have enough material available for everyone.

You will be staying in Fort Bradshaw for the weekend; breakouts will be in classroom form and you will be spending time on the range; so please pack weather accordingly.

For questions, please contact the Chattahoochee Council Shooting Sports Chair Chuck Abbey at