Yellow Jacket District

33rd Freeze-o-ree
Camp Gallant
January 27-29th, 2017

The time is fast approaching for our 33rd annual Freeze-O-Ree.  We are looking forward to a great gathering and lots of fun for all.

Register Online:

 Scout Leader's Letter  Games for 2017  / Schedule

Just a few reminders that need to be mentioned by the Camp master:

Check in headquartered at the front gate
Freeze – O – Ree fee is $7.00, payable at check in or on line
Please have a list of all persons accompanying your unit.  
v First Aid will be available on site.
Water will be available (weather / temp. permitting)
** Please bring water if temperature is to drop below freezing.**   

Please have a Troop First aid kit available for the Troop
v Be sure to bring firewood from home (using hardwood is recommended)

For more information, contact William Britt at 706-302-2603 /

Events taking place at this years Freeze-o-ree are listed below:

     Fo-Owling                                           Stretcher relay

Quick Reaction                                   Dead weight lift

River Crossing                                    Log Pull

Walking on Mars                               Radioactive Disposal




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