Council Deer Hunt

The Chattahoochee Council deer hunt will be at camp FGL on December 8-10 (Youth Hunt) and December 15-17 adult hunt. 

Hunting Zones are limited, and hunters are welcome to stay over night at Fort Bradshaw.  The cost of this event is $75.00 per hunter. Hunters 16 years of age and older will need to purchase their own hunting zone on the adult weekend only.

Hunters under the age of 16 MUST be under the direct supervision an adult while hunting and are for the YOUTH weekend only.  

For the youth only hunt it is for a parent and youth (under the age of 16) to experience hunting together.

The cost is $75.00 and that covers the adult and youth.

Special rules and regulations to apply to Camp FGL as it is regulated by the Army Corp of Engineers.

A Corp hunting permit is not neccessary as we have already secured this through special permission with the Corp for this event. 

State of Georgia Hunting Regulations

Hunters are NOT permitted to use center fire rifles on Corps hunting lands. They may use shotguns, muzzle-loaders, and bows.

 For a list of all of the Army Corp regulations visit this website BEFORE registering for this event.

Alabama residents will need to purchase a non-resident hunting license.

All State and Army Corp regulations will apply at this hunt.

Camp FGL and Camp Gallant are a combined 900 acres on West Point Lake. There are Army Corp hunting lands that surround the property and offer great hunting opportunities.

There are two shooting houses on the property that will offer hunters a stand already in place as well as covered protection from the weather. 

At check in hunters will be randomly given a hunting zone 1-19. (Unless purchasing a shooting house) The zones will be marked out on a map of the camp. On Friday before the hunt, you may check in after 12pm and scout your area. The hunting times will be all day Saturday and Sunday morning until 12pm. 


Food will not be provided, however the use of the kitchen in Bradshaw will be available. 

Drinks will be provided at all times.

Fort Bradshaw is an open bunkhouse style sleeping 110 people and is open as first come first serve.

Special note. This is a fund raising event, not a "Scouting event". Space is limited, however this event is open to non-Scout Families as well as Scout Families 

To register for the YOUTH hunt on December 9-11 click here

When you are registering for the youth hunt please register the adult that will be present at all times with the youth. The cost is for both the youth and the adult. 

To register for the Adult hunt on December 16-18 click here