Long Range Strategic Plan

2011-2015 Long Range Strategic Plan

How do we know if we are successful as a council?  If we had additional resources where would we allocate them?  What is happening in our local communities that could help make Scouting better?  The long range strategic plan answers these questions and gives us benchmarks to see if we are being successful.

The process started in 2010 when the Chairman of the Long Range Strategic Planning Committee, Marc Reid, kicked-off the process at the annual board retreat.  There with assistance from a national plan coach board members and those in attendance help us to identify our Strengths, Weaknesses, Threats, and Opportunities or SWAT anyalsis.  From that session five focus area chairs were recruited and developed goals.

The long range strategic plan is a constant work in progress and is reviewed at Executive Board Meetings.  Goals are evaluated and adjusted when necessary. If you have any question or would like to assist with any of the action items in the long range plan please contact Marc Reid or Anthony Berger.

2011-2015 Chattahoochee Council FULL Long Range Strategic Plan

2011-2015 Chattahoochee Council SHORT Long Range Strategic Plan

2011-2015 National Council of the Boy Scouts of America Long Range Strategic Plan